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Government Structure

The City of Fairborn has a Council - Manager form of government. Under this form of government, the Council is responsible for the legislative function of the municipality through establishing policy, passing legislation, and developing an overall vision for the community.

The Council, voted into office by public elections, appoints a city manager, which oversees administrative operations and implements its policies. Council also appoints citizens onto committees that help to make recommendations to Council.

City of Fairborn Mission Statement

In order to promote and provide for the safety, health and welfare of our residents, it is the mission of the City of Fairborn - (as per Resolution 96-90 August 1990):
  • To deliver municipal services through cost-effective and professional means and in a friendly, courteous manner.
  • To be responsible to individual concerns while maintaining the good of the entire community.
  • To provide appropriate planning for the continued development and improvement of the City.
  • To foster citizen involvement in the City's decision-making process.
  • To be involved and provide leadership in areas of inter-governmental cooperation.