Emergency Notifications

Hyper-Reach Emergency Notifications

An image reading, "Hyper-Reach: The power of instant communication."
Hyper-Reach is an ideal way to communicate with the community in both emergency and non-emergency situations. It allows the 911 Center to quickly send a recorded message to telephones in specific areas and alert residents to any emergency situation that requires immediate action. The system delivers critical information to residents and provides guidance on what precautions need to be taken by residents during and after an incident. Hyper-Reach is able to send notifications in five ways:
  • Cell phone message
  • Email
  • Landline phone message*
  • Text message
  • TTY
*All landline phones in Fairborn are automatically listed to receive these alerts.

Non-Emergency Notifications

The City is able to send information to residents regarding non-emergency situations. From a water boil advisory to a street issue, there are a potential number of situations that the City may wish to relay important information to residents.

How to Register

All landline phones in Fairborn are automatically registered. To set up your mobile phone, visit the Hyper-Reach Website.