Property Maintenance Division

A lawn mower mowing grass.
The City of Fairborn enforces a property maintenance code to maintain the character of our community. The code outlines general provisions for property maintenance and applies to residential, commercial, and business properties. Examples of property maintenance include:
  • General maintenance condition of the structure on the property, such as exterior siding, broken windows, gutters and downspouts in disrepair, peeling paint, roofs, walls or foundations in disrepair, deteriorated sidewalks, sheds, garages and fences in disrepair, or unsanitary conditions on or about the property
  • Material storage on property
  • Parking vehicles in the yard area
  • Trash, car parts, furniture, appliances and other debris on the property
The City's Code Enforcement and Property Maintenance Officers enforce the property maintenance and zoning code regulations adopted by the City of Fairborn. Those ordinances can be found in Part Thirteen, Title Five of the Fairborn Codified Ordinances.

We recently changed the grass ordinance. Please see the updated grass ordinance 547.13-547.15: